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SCAPE Opens Its Doors For SW Colorado's High Growth Start Up Companies

June 04, 2013

DURANGO, Colorado (June 4, 2013) -­‐ The Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program For Entrepreneurs (SCAPE) is now accepting applications for the first group of startup candidates to be accepted in the program.

SCAPE’s objective is to support the creation and development of high growth, job creating companies in Southwest Colorado, by offering an Accelerator Program which provides funding, education and intense mentoring. Successful completion of the SCAPE program should provide these ventures the ability to enter markets and raise capital. The goal is to “graduate” at least 8 companies every year, with each company creating at least 6 jobs in the first two years.

The program is supported by local economic development initiatives including Region 9, La Plata Alliance, and Southwest CO SBDC, as well as a number of local financial institutions. According to Ed Morlan, Executive Director of Region 9, “SCAPE builds on the success of the Growth Company Initiative, and provides another level of services and support for the high growth startups in Southwest Colorado. We are happy to support this program and expect to see some great companies come out of it”.

SCAPE will run 2 Accelerator Programs per year, each of them 4 months long. Companies can apply for the upcoming program at before June 28. A select group of candidates will be asked to present their idea in person, and up to 4 will be selected for the program that starts July 10.

“We’ll consider any business idea, but are focused on businesses that will sell their products or services outside the region – in national markets” said Jim Mackay, a SCAPE co-­‐founder.

The finalists will receive up to $30,000 to help build their company, along with free office space and discounted business services. Most importantly, they will receive valuable mentorship to help them address the specific challenges that they face in establishing and growing their company. At the end of the 4-­‐month program there will be a presentation given by all finalists to potential follow-­‐on investors.

“Southwest Colorado has a lot of entrepreneurs with great business ideas” said Gary Masner, a SCAPE co-­‐founder. “Until now, it has been a challenge for many of them to turn their ideas into a successful business. SCAPE will help them with their hurdles and set them up for success.”

For more information, please visit

Jim Mackay (970) 367-­‐7653