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Four Corners Film Office

four corners film office

Four Corners Film Office (4CFO) is a resource for all your Southwest Colorado production needs. We do that by serving as a complimentary liaison, facilitator and information hub. Check out our website to browse our Location Gallery and the Production Guide to find local scouts, crew, talent and other support services.

Our mission is to increase jobs in film, television and digital media production in Southwest Colorado. The Office is administratively housed at Region 9 with oversight by an Advisory Board. The 4CFO relies on contributions, sponsors and partners to help fund workshops, networking events and advertising. As an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project cash donations over $100.00 will qualify you for a 25% Colorado State Tax Credit.

Four Corners Industry Folks

If you have experience in film, television or digital media? Signing up for our Production Guide will allow you to be easily accessible to traveling productions looking specifically to work in Southwest Colorado.

Do you have a unique, picturesque or distinctive property, or business? Listing your property in our Location Gallery will allow directors and location scouts to view potential locations for shooting their next film, commercial or multi-media project.

Please visit our website, or call (970) 247-9621. 

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